Free Realtime Philippine Stock Price Alert Service

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Philippine Stock Price Alerts Signals (PSPAS)?
Philippine Stock Price Alerts Signals (PSPAS) is an online service that provides free realtime stock price alerts/notification signals for Philippine stock prices.

2. Which financial products can I set price alerts/notifications?
You can set price alerts/notifications for all active tradable stocks listed in Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

3. How does the system work?
It's very simple. You just set the trigger stock price and criteria (either above or below a certain stock price) and wait.
Once the stock price hits the criteria you created, it will immediately send you an email alert notifying you that the criteria has been hit.
Note that the stock alert will only be triggered once a day.

4. What are the plans available?
Alerts allowed to create11050

5. What alerts can I create?
Alerts that trigger when stock price reaches above or falls below your set stock price.

6. How am I alerted?
You will be alerted via email.

7. Is there delay in stock price monitoring?
NO, the stock price feed is realtime but the alert email will be sent at 5 minutes interval.

8. Can I use email address for receiving alerts different from the one used for logging in?
Sorry, the email address used for logging in your PSPAS account is also the email address for receiving Philippine stock price alerts/notifications.