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Another alternative to stocks is investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc.
In my humble opinion, I think investing in cryptocurrencies is better than investing stocks because cryptocurrencies are still at their infancy.
There is a very huge opportunity for everyone to earn.

Here are the steps on how to buy/invest in cryptocurrencies.
Basically, we will need a bitcoin wallet and exchange to be able to invest in cryptocurrencies.
And we can do this by buying bitcoin via and trade (buy/sell cryptocurrencies) in Binance exchange.
Do the following steps below.

1. Create an account in and Binance exchange using the links below.
If you sign up via the referral link below and verified your account, you and I, we will both receive P50 bonus in and you will have 50% discount in fees in Binance. It's a win-win opportunity.

* I chose because its stable and secure peso and bitcoin wallet with lots of other features like cellphone loads, credit card and other utility payments.
I chose Binance exchange because it has the least transaction fee (0.1%) as compared to other leading exchanges.

2. Verify your account.
Unverified account is limited to be able to only deposit P2000.
Inorder to lift this limitation, you need to verify your account.
Check the link below on how to verify your account.

3. Put cash (peso) into your wallet.
My favorite way of cashing in is using cash deposit to Union Bank because the P40 processing fee will be returned back to your account.
Although there are also other ways of cashing in like 7-11, Cebuana, etc., you won't receive back the processing fee.

4. Convert your peso to bitcoin. Using the convert button (see image below)
convert PHP to bitcoin in

5. Send your bitcoin from your account to your Binance exchange account using the following steps.

a.) Login to your Binance account
b.) Click the menu [Funds->Deposits/Withdrawals]
c.) Click the [Deposit] button of bitcoin and copy the [BTC Deposit Address] (see image below)
d.) Login to your account
e.) Select bitcoin wallet and click [Send] button
f.) Send your preferred number of bitcoins to the bitcoin address that you copied in (c)
deposit bitcoin from to Binance

Note: Once you are able to successfully send the bitcoin from, it will take around 20-30 minutes to reflect the funds into your Binance account.

6. Buy your preferred cryptocurrency.

That's all! Enjoy investing and raising your portfolio!