Free Realtime Philippine Stock Price Alert Service

Free Realtime Philippine Stock Price Alerts Signals (PSPAS) provides free live (realtime) stock price alerts and trading signals service for all Philippine stocks listed in Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

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Free Live/Realtime Philippine Stock Price Alerts Signals

Are you investing in Philippine stocks but is too busy to monitor the stock price because of your full time job?
If you cannot monitor the stock price all the time, chances are you will miss on buy/sell opportunities. PSPAS - (Philippine Stock Price Alerts Signals) will monitor the realtime stock price for you while you are doing other things. All you have to do is set the trigger price and leave the tough job of monitoring the stock price to us. When the stock market price hits your set stock price, you will immediately be alerted/notified via email. You can then decide to act on to buy or sell your stocks.

Why wait? Be successful in trading Philippine stocks using our free live/realtime stock price alerts signals service!! Register here

Reasons why people use PSPAS

The system is very simple and straight forward and it works!
- Engineer (Platinum plan)

Service is effective and above all FREE. Thinking of Gold plan when my portfolio grows.
- Student (FREE plan)

I have a full time job, so I could not monitor the stock price all the time.
So I use PSPAS service to delegate the realtime stock price monitoring task.
- Call Center Agent (Gold plan)

I have been searching for a year for a stock price alerts signals service dedicated for stocks in Philippine Stock Exchange.
I am glad I found PSPAS, it's so simple that I also recommended PSPAS to my parents, relatives and colleagues.
- Nurse (Platinum plan)

At first I was skeptical about PSPAS.
It's difficult to monitor multiple accounts with more than 30 different stocks at the same time. So I tried using PSPAS and so far I am loving it.
- Trader (Platinum plan)